Off to Казахстан we go!!! as I type, I am onboard my flight to Kazakhstan with the following guys whom I am proud to call my close friends. Let's see how that fairs after three weeks in the brilliant heat! 

Reason why we are off to Kazakhstan is due to an international music side project that I am involved with cleverly named No Mad Karma. 

We'll be performing at the World Ecology Expo 2017 in Kazakhstan with our single ‘Mother Earth’ being the title song and theme. Exciting times. 

What is this project all about I hear you cry? 

NO MAD KARMA is a Kazakh-British musical project led by famous Kazakh composer Aidos Sagat , ("URKER") 

NO MAD KARMA and their epic creative team are as I type, preparing an innovative multimedia show for its performance within the framework of EXPO 2017. It is dedicated to "Future Energy" and, in general, the global responsibility of every person for the safety, purity and health of our planet. Big tings. 

Within the group are shit hot musicians with CV’s that bounce off the floor and slap you in the eyehole. 

Preston Heyman, Tim Cansfield, Yoyo Buys, Aidos Sagat and (super bendy) lead vocalist David Sye, who is also the cousin of the late great Amy Winehouse. I am providing sexy sultry backing vocals and can’t wait for the whole experience to unfold! 

I have also been asked to perform one of my original songs too! TOTALLY EXCITED about that. I shall be performing ‘Home’ with No Mad Karma backing me and… get this… a 12 PIECE KAZAKH CHOIR!!! YAYAYAYAY! 

Can’t wait to rehearse and share more stuff! 

Join me on my journey… 

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