Stay With Me!!!

Hey petals,
I haven't really said much this year but boy oh boy 2019 is looking up!
I shall hopefully released my long awaited EP as well as releasing some features with my friends that I have recorded! A well accomplished 2018 and the fruits shall spore fruit in 2019.

Back in 2016, I grabbed the opportunity of booking one of twelve spots on the Jazz Vocal and Recording Course at Premises Studios. To me it was an unmissable opportunity not only to learn studio techniques but sharing the space and learning from Soul Singing Legend, Miss Carleen Anderson. She is every treat you would expect and I thank her for her tips and sharing her stories with the group - Which included my beautiful friend Nina Miranda. An absolute joy seeing her there.
Nina managed to calm me down when I was going through my typical 'can't do this' mode.

I also enjoyed hearing the other guys that took part in the course! One of which made it through to an X Factor final! It's so important to share your experiences and journeys and felt honoured being a part of it all.

I think I opened my heart a bit too much on the first show and tell performance of the song I chose. My fears and anxiety showed through the group and can't remember managing to sing it to the end. Of course, my embarrassment meter was full to bursting after that day and I remember having a lovely chat with Nina afterwards at The Troy Bar which helped me out a lot. Thank you girl.

I wanted to take this course because I felt and still feel that I can't convey emotion when I'm in the booth. I know I can sing but with me I feel I try so hard to convey the right meaning and message of the song but what comes out is just a vocal going through the words. Not sure if my ramblings made sense but I was hoping this course would set me on the right path. I hope the following recording shines through and you hear the passion that has gone into it.

The Track features:

Vocals - All and lots of me 

Piano - Jessica Lauren 

Guitars - Liam McGrath 

Double Bass and Drums - I will find you. 

Horns - Max Grunhard, Scott Baylis, Tony Trombony 

Recorded at The Premises Studios, Vanguard Studios and Fletcher/ Steve Holmes Studio 

Mixed by Alex Fletcher 

Artwork by DoanTrang 

I hope you like my version as much as I enjoyed singing it. 


Oh and please share xxx












Last note - I hope Santa has been kind. Be kind to yourself and I wish you love, light and a prosperous 2019.

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