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Blocked. I feel whipped. Beaten and tired. 

Stare up close to my bathroom mirror I notice the passageway is blocked. I see a string of clear web like silk obstructing much needed oxygen to the back of my head. 

As Spring ejaculates new births, my heart burying itself under warm covers. 

My 365 day fever reaches it’s peak. 

My body is abrasively dragged down. My head, pushed down by an almighty weight. I’m fighting against it. Swimming hard to get back to the surface but I look down and my weighted heels…

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Raining, it's pouring.
My old man is snoring.
He wet the bed and bumped his head and couldn't get back to sleep.

I can't stand the rain. No. Tell a lie.
Press my hand against the window frame.
Safe. From the roar of the rain.
It's hygge inside. Hygge and warm.

Release my handprint. Pause...and my print remains! Slowly fading.

I see through my alternative hand imagining someone drenched head-to-toe on the other side wanting to hold me hand too.

Pitter Patter, Splash towards the puddle like a meteor smashing through…

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Prepare rambling rant to self.

Question: Am I the only artist who feels restricted in every project I touch?
I know now I like the freedom of weaving in and out. Not feeling pressured into joining a band. I know this, they know this.
Am I an artist?

My dream of being a versatile session singer is met with severe frustration and mental knockdowns. 
My voice already ageing and not hitting the notes it wants to hit in it's intimate setting.
My breath reducing from expansive pipes to hollow wheezy bellows.

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Shutter Speed.
Faster than the speed of light.

Snap. FLASH. OWWW!!!!!!!!!!
It's burning the back of my retina but I slowly regain focus.
Blink hard a few times.
Shot flashes of green spark my vision like semi circles made by a protractor.
Dark spots reign supreme on my vision. MY SIGHT!

I gain composure on the artist's exposure of my withered frame.
Happy, he walks away to develop his "Masterpiece".

The water, cooling his hands as he slides the flatten paper in his soured solution.
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The Antidote to my Liver.

A warm hug sliding down my throat hugging gently around my vocal cords, warming my oaken fatigued limbs.

Retrace my steps before grabbing the curved spout of my cup.


Loud screeching, ear piercing, announcing "THE WATER IS READY".
The steam controller and the vehicle. "IT'S READY!"

A pick me up. Tip him over and pour him out.
The cup eager to please, waiting to accept it's fateful calling and reunited with an old friend. Ahhhh reunited at last.

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What's on my mind against a ten minute timer.
ding Ding DING.
Jump on that train of thought Jaelee.

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