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Blocked. I feel whipped. Beaten and tired. 

Stare up close to my bathroom mirror I notice the passageway is blocked. I see a string of clear web like silk obstructing much needed oxygen to the back of my head. 

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Raining, it's pouring.
My old man is snoring.
He wet the bed and bumped his head and couldn't get back to sleep.

I can't stand the rain. No. Tell a lie.
Press my hand against the window frame.

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Prepare rambling rant to self.

Question: Am I the only artist who feels restricted in every project I touch?
I know now I like the freedom of weaving in and out. Not feeling pressured into joining a band. I know…Read more
What's on my mind against a ten minute timer.
ding Ding DING.
Jump on that train of thought Jaelee.

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