Memoirs (part iii)

Memoirs (part iii) is the 2nd EP release from London based Singer-Songwriter Jaelee Small. 

This EP is a collection of songs pulled from Jaelee’s past, sketches from her songbook, songs with melodies that evoke fairy tales and childhood nursery rhymes. 

On this release, Jaelee continues to tread a unique and singular path, unconcerned with current fads or trends, creating a sound very much her own. The expansive vocal harmonies and engaging orchestral arrangements heard in her debut are still present but this is a more stripped back and reflective release. 

The EP explores questions of identity and trying to find ones place in the world, reflections on the past and imagined futures, and touches on themes of addiction and mental health. Alongside the four original songs is a cover of one of Jaelee’s favourites - ‘I Can See For Miles’ by The Who a song she promised herself to re-imagine back in her childhood, finally realised here.



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Memoirs (part ii)

Jaelee Small has written down her collection of roaming thoughts, short stories and soulful vocal harmony drenched monologues. 

Memoirs (part ii) is part of a harmony-soaked concept album through a timeline of a teenage youth. 

Painting a picture of her memories through catchy choruses and memorable melodies containing personal influences ranging from the well played vinyl of The Beach Boys, Pink Floyd and The Who to Aretha Franklin, Emeli Sandé and Haim. 

A wide ‘Mixtape of Emotion’ resulting in a delightful blend of emotive pop and soulful rock. 

With such diverse influences, her music transcends genres and has a unique sound and feel which is instantly recognisable, leaving a lasting impression. The impressive vocal arrangements add an extra level of sophistication to her songwriting. 

Jaelee’s musical journey guides the listener through the process of her self-discovery and the search for her own identity. 

Maybe we find out who she is.

Memoirs (pt ii) Tracks