She sings of profound loss with a heartbreak that I can’t even begin to measure” - Platinum Mind

All The Time (Single)

'All The Time' is the new single from London based vocalist Jaelee Small. 

This song is about coming to terms with loss, learning to let go, and finding ways of moving forward. 

In May 2020, Jaelee lost her mother unexpectedly and sank into the numbness of grief, waiting for the pain to ease and for life to become manageable again. 

Unable to create, the days and nights blurred, hours spent staring blankly at the TV, lost in tears or a bottle. 

Finally, after some months, her mum began to appear in her dreams and whilst listening to her flatmate and fellow artist Azz produce in the room next door, a melody and some words immediately came to her. 

Jaelee finally found a way back to the microphone and found a way of beginning to comes to terms with her loss, this is her first goodbye letter to her mother. 

The vocals were recorded at home during lockdown and the song was finished by producer, multi-instrumentalist and dear friend Joe Rodwell, who also added live horns to finish the song.

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Memoirs (part iii)

Memoirs (part iii) is the 2nd EP release from London based Singer-Songwriter Jaelee Small. 

This EP is a collection of songs pulled from Jaelee’s past, sketches from her songbook, songs with melodies that evoke fairy tales and childhood nursery rhymes. 

On this release, Jaelee continues to tread a unique and singular path, unconcerned with current fads or trends, creating a sound very much her own. The expansive vocal harmonies and engaging orchestral arrangements heard in her debut are still present but this is a more stripped back and reflective release. 

The EP explores questions of identity and trying to find ones place in the world, reflections on the past and imagined futures, and touches on themes of addiction and mental health. Alongside the four original songs is a cover of one of Jaelee’s favourites - ‘I Can See For Miles’ by The Who a song she promised herself to re-imagine back in her childhood, finally realised here.


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