1. Months
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released December 13, 2019
Jaelee Small – Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals
Joe Rodwell – Backing Vocals
Piano – Azzedine Loukil
Jack Painting – Drums

Joe Rodwell – Programming and Mix Engineer
Steve Holmes – Programming and Recording Engineer

Produced by Joe Rodwell, Steve Holmes and Jaelee Small
Recorded at Holmes Place and Peckham Studios
Mixed by Joe Rodwell

Mastered by Mike Cave @ Loft Mastering, Liverpool, UK



January’s the month I knew I lost my mother
February’s the month that I knew I’m gonna
March until the very end
April is when I start again
May it all end

What your child knows and your Mum's forgotten
When you are half of your family's face... slowly erasing
Everything been said before
Leaving now please shut the door and leave me in
Leave me in

Ah ooh -

September my heart grew stern and heavy
As the leaves fall so did my soul oh October knows
November’s off to a flying start
December bites, a snow flake falls on my nose.
Snow-faced, Snow-glow

My pieces layed out on the floor
My jigsaw heart cant break no more
Can’t break no more
As it seeps my veins, awake my soul
Alcohol has seen it all
Alcohol is all I know

Ah ooh

January , I lost my Mother
February I knew I was gonna
March until the very end
Raise a glass and start again

I am reaching
I am reaching